StayCation or Bust! Santa Fe Edition!

By: Aimee Pilegrene, REALTOR®

What to do when you want to feel far away but also want to stay close to home.

There’s something about New Mexico

We have the best of so many things. The best food, red or green? The best weather with all four seasons, the most beautiful landscapes, a rich and diverse culture, and some of the oldest ruins in the United States. People literally travel from all over the world to our state because of how special it is. New Mexico really is the Land of Enchantment and if you don’t believe me, just take a weekend getaway to fall in love with the state that we are lucky enough to call home.

Santa Fe, an International Destination

Jump in your car from Albuquerque and you will be in Santa Fe in about an hour. Rich in culture, art, and history, Santa Fe is a destination for international travelers and locals alike. Book a stay on VRBO at a casita on the plaza or choose from many incredible hotels like the Loretto where you can visit the Loretto Chapel, one of New Mexico’s most historic buildings. Built in the gothic style in 1850, this chapel has a staircase which is shrouded in mystery. Standing in a spiral and built from wood that is not native to the southwest by a carpenter that showed up after the nuns of the church prayed for 9 days for someone that could construct a staircase for the newly built chapel. The carpenter showed up, and with only the use of simple tools and wooden pegs constructed the staircase with two complete 360 degree turns, no center pole for structural support, no nails, and the entire weight of the staircase being held up by the bottom stair.

Let’s Eat.

Among the multitude of historic places to stay, there is an abundance of extraordinary places to eat. Whether you are craving an authentic New Mexican meal, an extravagant and elegant dining experience by a Michelin star chef, or something completely unique, Santa Fe dining does not disappoint. A few favorites loved by locals and tourists alike are The Shed, Geronimo’s, Santa Cafe, La Boca, Osteria, and Coyote Cafe and Cantina. We will need a separate blog post to go into detail on each of these but just know that whatever you are craving, Santa Fe has the answer! If you are short on time and want to try a lot of different options in one day, check out a food tour like the ones offered by Food Tour New Mexico. You will be guided on a walking tour to different restaurants to sample food and learn about the rich culture of Santa Fe along the way. Lastly, don’t forget to stop in to the Five and Dime for the best Frito Pie of your life. “Pansa llena corazón contenta.” (“If the belly is full the heart is content.”)

Art Walk

One of the most amazing things about Santa Fe is the access to art in so many mediums. Take a stroll down Canyon Road and experience magic. You will be able to see statues of anything you could imagine, pottery that will blow your mind, wood carvings inlaid with rivers of color, paintings that will transport you, and of course maybe the most famous of all is the jewelry. Oh my goodness, THE JEWELRY. New Mexico is so famous for our turquoise and you will never see more of this semi-precious stone than walking through Santa Fe. From the vendors on the streets to the shops disbursed throughout the Plaza and all over town, if you are wanting something for yourself or to buy as a gift you will find what you need in Santa Fe. Just plan to spend a small fortune and bring your negotiation skills too.

Start Planning or Jump on The Rail Runner Today!

Whatever you decide to do in Santa Fe you will come home to Albuquerque refreshed. There is just something about the energy and beauty that never gets old even if Santa Fe is home to the oldest building in America! (The Palace of the Governers, circa 1610) Just remember that you live in such a magical place. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of daily life or the endless news cycle of negativity let you forget that.

Stay tuned for more StayCation Ideas in New Mexico!