Take Your Home From Zero to Hero!

The Importance of Professional Listing Photography

By: Aimee Pilegrene, REALTOR®

Hiring the right photographer will make all the difference. This front of house shot showcases exquisite color composition as well as gets all the right angles!

Lights. Camera. Action.

In this post we will talk to you about what professional photography will do for the marketability of your biggest asset as well as help get you prepared to have your home ready for your Realtor and photographer to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives to show your home off in all of it’s glory to potential buyers.

Today we are showcasing a home in breathtaking Sandia Park, New Mexico. A short and picturesque drive from Albuquerque! This home was completely renovated and remodeled by Erin Roy and her husband Starson. They have taken this home from a stark and barren structure to a light and bright farmhouse with thriving vegetation as well as on trend color scheme and decor. We thought this was a perfect home to use as an example to showcase what an absolute necessity it is to hire a professional to photograph your listing.

With the crops in bloom we had the perfect opportunity to get pops of color! The photographer captured the home home in it’s best light!

Marketing Magic

We believe that a successful marketing campaign starts with the highest quality professional photographs to show off your home. Your home is oftentimes your biggest investment and should be treated as such! We work closely with the home owner and photographer and take all of the steps necessary for a successful photo shoot. Preparing for photos is equally important to choosing the right photographer. Your Realtor will guide you on what to do to prepare and give you guidance on how to optimize your homes marketability by staging the home to make it look it’s best.

Our professional photographer provides us with a checklist for the homeowner that they may use as a guide to get the home ready for it’s close up. The Realtor works closely with the homeowner and the photographer to ensure that the most important elements of the home are looking their best. This includes de-cluttering and de-personalizing the home. Removing or adding as needed throughout the session.

We have removed the microwave and toaster oven from the counter as well as the garbage can from in front of the cabinets to de-clutter and added flowers and a cookbook for decor.

The devil is in the details and making sure everything is in place and ready for the photographer is key. The colors really fly off of the screen on this one!

First Impressions Are Key

In order to stand out in an over-saturated market to an over-stimulated audience you need to set yourself apart by putting your best foot forward. In a day and age where most everything is purchased online, first impressions are the key to garnering interest in the product that you are selling. This is no different when buying a home and in order to showcase your best asset to potential buyers you need a professional photographer to make that first impression a lasting and positive one.

We have focused on areas of the home in which the aesthetic will add value to the listing when viewed by potential buyers. The photographer will capture not only wide angles but all of your homes right angles! The potential buyer is going to make the decision to come and view your home in person based on what they see in your listing photos so you need to leave them wanting more while giving them a good understanding of what they will see when they come for their showing.

This farmhouse has so much charm and the cowhide and sheepskin along with the firewood and flagstone really give even more character. The angle of this photo gives the viewer a great perspective of what they will see when sitting in the arm chair.

The contrasting colors as well as various textures in this shot peak the viewers interest. The reflection in the mirrors and fireplace give depth.

Give Your Home It’s Best Chance

Perception is reality and you don’t want to lose out on selling your home because you missed out on potential buyers that couldn’t see past the poor quality photographs taken with an iPhone. Statistics show that homes that are listed with professional photographs sell faster and for more money than those that are not. According to the Wall Street Journal that number is anywhere from $934 to $116,076 more. When you weigh the costs of hiring a professional vs. the loss in potential sales proceeds that cost/benefit becomes clear! When choosing a Real Estate Professional find out if professional photography is part of their marketing strategy and package.

The photographer removed towels and toiletries from the bathroom prior to capturing this shot minimizing things that will draw the viewers eyes away from the beauty of the room.

Accentuate The Positives

When making an online purchase what helps you make your decision? A detailed and captivating description goes a long way but to really pique your viewers interest you need to stand out. Our photographers use techniques to do just that. Twilight photography as well as drone photography and virtual staging are items in an excellent real estate photographers toolbox. The best real estate photographers hone their craft and perfect their methods ensuring the best quality photographs to draw interest to your listing.

Think about areas of your home that really stand out and accentuate those! Less is more and having fewer photographs that really tell the story is more important than including pictures of every closet and toilet in the home. Think about what you looked for when buying your home. What made you excited to purchase it and what makes you proud to call it home? Highlight those elements and maybe leave out the messy closet!

Setting a scene like this tablescape depicting the autumn season brings warmth and familiarity to the viewer. These touches help make a house feel like a home.

The photographs featured in this blog were taken by Ed Macias with Real Eye State Marketing. Ed and his team have a proven track record of excellence and deliver photographs that help sell listings fast! Check out some more photos from this set below.

For more from Erin and this gorgeous farmhouse follow her on instagram @TheHarvestTrailJourney and visit her website The Harvest Trail.

The natural wood along with the beautiful tile and shower make for a perfect shot of this stunning master bathroom!
Capturing multiple living spaces in one photograph gives the viewer a feel of what it is like to live in the home.
Close up and detail photos add value by showcasing design elements.
Adding color and comfort with accent pillows, plants and lighting.
The home owner created this bespoke bathroom vanity with wood sourced nearby and it is absolutely stunning an photo worthy!
The detail in the ceilings and design elements of the master bedroom gives us all the feels and has us dreaming of sleeping in this comfy and cozy room!
This picture captures the views off of the breakfast nook as well as the beauty of the interiors
The lighting is really perfect here and the chandelier stands out so well while also capturing the gorgeous woodwork and contrast of black countertops against white cabinetry.
Aimee, a founding partner of Elite Partners Real Estate Group is a native New Mexican with a passion and love for the beauty and culture that the Land of Enchantment provides.
She has cultivated a successful Real Estate business while maintaining a great work/life balance raising her 2 rambunctious boys with her amazing and hard working husband. Exploring our beautiful state, working out, creating culinary masterpieces, and occasionally creating blog and video content in her spare time.